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The best ever

It just helps me a lot in my busy job journey every single day!!❤️❤️❤️



Pretty good!

....Just a few more offline capabilities to get 5 stars

Great for developers!

I use this app on Ipad Pro. I am a developer and dont need to actually edit or draw plans. However, the file size restriction of the basic version is too small for me. I love the integration of Dropbox and te possibility to view and measure in actual plans as well as export them directly in PDF. Awesome, definitely worth the 50 € subscription. Only 4 stars for two reasons: - The app does not distinguish between palm and Apple pen, which is a real nuisance, especially on Ipad Pro. - The 50 € subscription brings tons of features that I dont need. I feel a bit ripped off, because I just need it for the file size.

Dont waste your time

This is just a teaser app to get you to subscribe. All you can do is edit 4 supplied drawings. Clunky, very poor U I

Waist of time

Cant even try to make a drawing before paying for pro version

Good viewer app

This app works well as nice viewer but I wish it had a snap function


Why would you give it away without letting people use it?


It is very convenient to use it to view dwg files on my iphone

BFC (bug fixes crap)

Really?? There are bug fixes now? I havent noticed a single thing improved with this stupid app. The login window still disappears once you open it so youre unable to create a new account if you want to. Nice try. DELETE

No Search

... Still only a novelty app for small drawings without the long-promised search function...

Great app, ugly icon.

Who designed the icon? Most reviews are about the app, which is great. But when 90% of your client base, are designers, you could have designed a nicer icon. I makes me cringe every time I need to touch it. Bring back the red A with a teal background if you must, but drop the rest, its unnecessary clutter, which is barely legible and just makes a mess.


Compared to the former WS app, this one will drive you nuts! Its glitchy and you need the PRO to get some basic functions. If you can make it work, it may be ok but if not, it barely works as a viewer.

Does not open DWFx files

Does not open simple DWFx files made from revit

Not Impressed

Until I can utilize local storage and use without an Internet connection, its useless in the field.

This is not a CAD app!

Right away, this app is not a CAD app as described. It simply lets you open and mark up drawings so it is mostly useless to anyone looking for a free CAD app.

Email signup is a deal breaker

As a simple viewer of dwg files, it does the job. As a way to harvest emails and spam you later with nag-buy, it excels. If an app only functions if you sign in with it, I delete it. And I deleted this app.

Great app

I am able to view and with limited functionality make changes to dwg files on the go.


So disappointed, crashing, iPad Air 2, tried for quite some time just to draw a simple 2x2 piece of lumber, lines will not snap to the corners of the square or 45°, it seems snapping is restricted to 90° and 180°. The bottom tool bar disappears and then crashes again ! I purchased the pro subscription and this is it ? I was expecting a much higher caliber piece of software, very very disappointed. I have a much better cad app for far far less called CAD touch that out performs this bloated garbage. I will not be renewing my subscription and if I could I would get my money back and I will try, thanks for the feelings of anger and frustration.

AutoCAD 360

Thats really great. When your are so busy and there is not enough time to go back to the office to check the plans and you need them in 24th story ! Nothing is better than AutoCAD 360!

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